The personal service that we offered to website development clients, took a natural course and expanded to domain name and hosting services, which are provided to a select number of clients in Australia and internationally. We have a range of hosting solutions from free dns services, email and web hosting and can assist you to set up your domain to work with your choice of hosting or service providers. We understand that customers will have their unique needs.

The domain name and hosting industy itself is as turbulent as the stock market because of corporate takeovers, corporate failures and high staff turnover. Corporate greed and cost cutting lead to experienced staff being replaced with inexperienced staff and cost cutting on hardware and software.  Added to this the fact that computers are not 100% reliable, and that internet connectivity relies on multiple wholesalers and connections, security issues from hacking, viruses and SPAMMING and you have a recipe for problems. People demand more and more from the internet but often want the cheapest price possible, leading to a rise in impersonal service providers and more sales staff pushing a sale than technical support. With the arrival of covid19, businesses and individuals need to assess the risk/benefits of outsourcing to countries with unstable political and social environments. For us being located in Australia, and being able to social distance provides customers with a level of certainty in an uncertain time. 

The internet is a powerful communication tool but communication is more than the speed of a connection or type of switches used at the datacentre. Yes, hardware is important but business is about people working together to achieve goals and our part of the internet is helping businesses achieve their goals online through solutions and partnerships that meet their requirements and budget. The 'click and buy' generation of internet consumers has led to a rise of very powerful companies that are built on anonymity, volume sales and impersonal, borderline scammy business models and in our years of being in business we have assisted numerous clients out of precarious situations where they stood to lose their domain, email, hosting and website. It literally is a jungle out there.

How important is your business to you? Our prices are very competitive. We understand how important your domain and hosting are to your business and are not volume sellers. We have been in business for over 16 years and intend to be in business for many more. These are the very early days of the internet, that is one of the greatest technological changes since the Industrial Revolution and the internet will continue to bring with it, incredible social and cultural changes.

Whether you are simply looking to secure a domain name or you require a website completely set up with hosting and email accounts, we look forward to helping you and our expertise is unrivalled.

Why Choose Us for Custom Website Development?


1. Results. Your company website is important and it is just as important that you receive a website that meets your expectations. Passion Computing work with our customers to make sure that everything is done right. Most projects do not require a deposit and clients are only invoiced after work has been completed to their satisfaction, and because our customers value us as business partners, many pay us well before the invoice due date. 

2. Quality - your website is programmed to the highest standards. Unlike many designers who are unqualified, we are proficient in numerous computer languages, database programming, design, xhtml compliancy, css stylesheets, AJAX, XML, and computer hardware. Having taught website design to second and third year University students at Universities in Melbourne; you can rest assured that you will get the best quality website programming.

3. Service - we look after you. Your project is not tossed around or delegated in a long processor line. We do not outsource your project. You work directly with the in house development team and this ensures a full understanding of project outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns, we quickly and professionally answer them and we are also able to advise you on alternative methods, costs and any issues related to your website. A number of website development companies in Australia charge clients big dollars only to outsource their projects to third world countries. 

4. Deadlines. Project deadlines are important. We have seen too many other designers drag out projects for months. After making the sale and taking 50% deposit, many website design projects are tossed in a pile. This will never happen at Passion Computing. Firstly, we do not take deposits and secondly, if your project deadline is incompatible with our workload, we will let you know at the outset, so you can make alternative arrangements. We are always completely honest with you and will never make the deal for the sake of sealing you into a contract.

5. Search engine visibility - we work as hard to make sure that our coding is compatible with search engines. There are many things that need to be done to get a top ranking site, and we are happy to work together with clients to advise on copywriting, internet marketing, choosing keywords and keyword phrases, if requested as part of the project. As a minimum on all projects, we will insert the keyword phrases in the title tag, that we believe best match your site's content.

6. Copy writing and layout are central to an effective website and clients are made aware of possible issues of concern during the drafting phase. Ultimately, the client is responsible for the images and copywriting that is supplied and has the final decision with regard to the design, layout and content within their site.

7. Affordable websites - our pricing is competitive. We do not have the same overheads as many designers, nor do we invest in pushy sales departments, telemarketing, direct marketing or print advertising. We rely solely on word of mouth referrals and search engine traffic, and therefore we can offer competitive prices on our website design services.

8. Honesty is vital in every relationship and how we differ from other website developers is that if in our professional opinion a project is simply untenable and unlikely to be successful, we simply we tell you upfront of all the risks involved and potential problems. Someone once said to us "You are too honest to be commercially viable" but we are still here today, providing a valuable service to businesses and individuals and doing so with integrity.

9. Professionalism Most website developers and designers are commercially based. Commercialism is the use of marketing and advertising to sell products and services regardless of the needs and requirements of a customer. To be a professional, is to use education, experience and training to do work, anaylze, problem solve and make sound decisions. 

10. Internet Knowledge We are avid internet users and have been for over two decades. We were there when the internet first started, when sites were purely text based and when you needed to utilize unix shell accounts to access the internet. We continue to expand our knowledge of the internet and web technology by using online shopping sites, online payment gateways, online gaming sites, online banking, forums, etc.

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